Success of Humanity

Eventually, every person living on Earth will care about the success of humanity – why not start today?

The success of humanity. What is it? How is it achieved? These two questions control the arc of our story. The very least we must do is ask the questions. What would it look like for humanity to succeed?

Common responses range from the cosmic (“we must outlive the sun”) to the social (“we must learn to stop violence”) to the individual (“we must forgive the past”). Those destinations are clear, and there are many more ideas out there. Even by just reading these questions and thinking about your own answers, you increase the likelihood of the success of humanity.

It is essential that we devote thought time to the success of humanity. The more we think about it, the better our chances are of achieving it. We realize the success of our descendants, a million years into the future – and learn each day how they will succeed.

Equal Standing

We all have the same stake in this enterprise called humanity. It’s sometimes hard to accept, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong. If you can believe this, even for just a moment, we are one step closer to the success of humanity. Our experience is individual, but we all share our human brain and the human condition. We are all right here, right now.

Thought Time

It’s hard to imagine the total quantity of thought time available to humanity. Each moment, billions of thoughts and intentions make up the space – sometimes a thought or experience induces fear, while at other times, love is the effect. Our thoughts are often steered by wishes or objectives, but we can also choose to consciously focus on something.

Call for Thought

The current call for thought is for papers on this subject: How politics and government can support the success of humanity

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