Alfred P Ginney’s Thought Campaign

The album contains ideas and experiences from the life of Alfred P Ginney, a quintessentially human character. The name Alfred P Ginney came clearly in a dream many years ago; the name became the basis of the last song on the album (“Ginney”), and the character became the voice of the album.

The love song, “Perfect Life”, provides context for the beginning of the story, and the centerpiece of the album is “Revolution”, a message of personal freedom to every human being. The other songs explore themes including love, honesty, freedom, peace, and acceptance. They include a letter written by Alfred P Ginney (“Wrote to Say”), social commentaries (“Not the Way” and “Cry of the Masses”), personal creeds (“Own Thing”, “Priority”, and “Liberty”), and songs of advice and encouragement (“Accept It”, “Love is Abundant”).

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Piano: Adi Yeshaya & John Stassen
Synth, Organ, Electric piano & MIDI programming: Adi Yeshaya
Guitars: Jon Finn & Ben Azar
Electric Bass: Michael Farquharson
Drums: Yaaki Levy
Trumpet & Flügel horn: Rick Hammett
Tenor Sax: Daryl Lowery
Violins: Jin Hee Kim, Yi-Hsiu Liu, Lino Tanaka
Viola: John Mark Holguin
Cello: Sebastian Plano
Arranged and produced by Adi Yeshaya
Recorded January 2008 by Ted Peduck at Mix One Studios, Boston, MA.
Mixed by Michael Farquharson and Adi Yeshaya
Mastered by Tony Axtell
Background vocalists: Paul Stiller & Beth Yeshaya
Vocal arrangements: Paul Stiller
Production Assistant: David Burgler

Lyric sheets (click for full size images)

Accept It
Love is Abundant
Not the Way
Own Thing
Perfect Life
Wrote to Say
Cry of the Masses
Cry of the Masses